Drying out damp walls
and air treatment

Treatment of wet wall problems by capillary rise and osmosis

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Humidity is not inevitable!

Discover our unique HYGRO product:
a geomagnetic process intended for drying out walls affected by rising damp.

Our HYGRO anti-humidity geomagnetic device eliminates the natural potential difference that exists between the top of the dry wall and the bottom of the wet wall. It returns the natural magnetic field out of phase, which removes the energy used by water molecules to rise from the ground to the top of the walls.

The walls are no longer supplied with water molecules, naturally sanitize by evaporation after a period of one year, provided that the surface condition of the wall allows it.

  • Environmentally Friendly and without power supply
  • Economical compared to other more expensive solutions (resin infiltration, electro-osmotic processes, polarity inverter ...)
  • 10 years warranty, satisfied or refunded
  • No destruction
1st prize for innovation in 2015
at the home fair in Porto (Portugal)
for its geomagnetic process against capillary rise

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Our different expertise and solutions to your humidity problems

wall drying technique
Drying of walls
In order to proceed to thedrying up of the walls, it will be necessary to diagnose the cause of rising damp in the walls
sanitation and treatment of humidity in the air
Air treatment
Humidity management either by Dehydration or dehumidification depending on the situation and the materials to be treated.
signs of rising damp, diagnosis and treatment
Moisture overview
Causes of humidity (capillary rise, infiltration, ventilation), consequences of humidity (condensation, mold, degradation of coatings, parasitic development, etc.).
consequences of humidity after water damage
Water damage
Water infiltration are also the causes of humidity in a house, because they soak the walls and cause water damage. (pipeline leak, poor waterproofing of a roof, bad weather flooding, etc.)

"The HYGRO anti-humidity geomagnetic device:
our economical and ecological solution against humidity problems! "

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Discover HYGRO, our geomagnetic process against rising damp.
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Find all our achievements after the installation of a HYGRO on the different buildings treated
  • innovative geomagnetic processGeomagnetic process, 1st prize for innovation at the Porto fair in 2015
  • guaranteed resultsResult guarantees
    (satisfied or refunded)
  • ecological dewatering techniqueEcological process
  • Quality of our services, satisfied or reimbursedQuality procedure
    (diagnosis and checks)
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Drying of walls - Air treatment - Water damage - Humidity

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